chat room for your home.


The clipsar is a cloud-based messaging platform which enables communication between anyone or anything at your home. This page takes you through main features of clipsar.


More than ever, we are surrounded by computer based systems. Each day new devices with various form factors are being introduced. Smart-phones, smart-watches, augmented reality glasses and health monitoring wristbands are only a few examples here. Each of these devices is targeting a specific use-case and increase productivity in our daily life. Many of such devices are indeed interesting, however none of them alone can solve all the needs of a modern user. Moreover, there is no ultimate recipe and subset of devices that fits everyone's need. A perfect solution is composed individually and varies widely based on personal interests, activities and work. Independent of subset of used devices, there would be a point where some data needs to be sent from one device to another. As a simple example, imagine that you want to send a URL from your smart-phone to your laptop. A common solution is to send an email or a Facebook message to yourself. Although this workaround achieves the desired result, it has certain downsides. You need to setup and login into your email or Facebook accounts on both devices, and need the extra effort to navigate in the corresponding applications.

At clipsar we believe connecting different devices and communication in the home shall be much easier. The clipsar is a cloud-hosted web service that offers an easy solution to connect different devices and send text-based data across them. There is no limit on the data type as long as it can be presented in text-based format. This data can be human readable text or machine related data such as URLs, phone numbers, json, xml etc.

How to start

By default all the clipsar-enabled websites and devices which are connected to your home wifi router are connected to the same clipsar network. Therefore messages can be sent across them. To interact with the network of devices in your home you can use clipsar console, by clicking the start button on the clipsar main page. No account or subscription is needed.


The clipsar-enabled (ce) entities support commands. Each command consists of a message and a text string to send additional parameters. Commands can be directly entered like any other text message in the clipsar console. The first line is interpreted as message and the other lines will be passed as parameters. A complete list of clipsar commands are available in clipsar commands catalog.

Developing clipsar-enabled entities

The support for clipsar can be easily added to webpages or smart devices. More information on developing a ce-entity is provided in the developer area.

Questions and feedback

We are constantly adding new features and improving the clipsar service. We are thrilled to hear your opinion, suggestions and feedback. This would be an important source of information for us while planning new features and sorting our backlog. You can directly contact us via